The Swiss Hemp: new methods of transport

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Dear customers,

We are delighted to announce that we have recently introduced new transport methods. Thanks to these changes, you will be able to receive your parcel in two or three days without any customs problems, to your complete satisfaction.

What's more, we want to assure you that the quality of our products remains unchanged. The levels of CBD, CBG and THC have not changed, guaranteeing you a consistent and reliable experience. You'll always be able to enjoy the benefits of our products with complete peace of mind.

Finally, we would like to inform you that prices will remain the same. We have taken care to keep our pricing policy unchanged so that we can continue to offer you high-quality products at competitive prices.

Thank you for your confidence.

Kind regards,
The Swiss Hemp team

21 thoughts on “The Swiss Hemp : nouvelles méthodes de transports

  1. WiSeDaD says:

    "Offering premium quality products at the most competitive prices possible is our watchword."

    That's your slogan, why did you increase your prices by 40%? Because you're no longer competitive, I'm going back to your competitors, who are now cheaper.

  2. kador says:

    I'm currently at the receiving end of the new transport. GLS must be the slowest carrier in Europe. It took over a week for the package to leave France (it arrived from Switzerland in the first French depot the day after ordering), 2 days later it arrived at the destination depot where it has been sitting ever since. The day after arrival at the destination depot they changed the status to "expected to be delivered today". That was 3 days ago. I'm still waiting. Can't say anything about the product as this was my first order.

  3. Saarloos says:

    12/06/2023 TSH: "Finally, we would like to inform you that the prices will remain the same" 26/07/2023: + 9eu50 on 5g of super skunk,+ 8eu on 5g of Swiss Premium Black - Organic, +8eu50 on 5g of Casper Hash, + 14eu50!!!! sur les 5g de libanais rouge etc etc 😆👍🏻 Sorry but that's not going down well TSH, with my budget allocated to CBD I can't make it through the month so I'm switching to another site, I'll get less thc from them but it's much much much cheaper so I'll take more and dose more,allez sans rancune y a pas de soucis mais moi je ne peux plus je ne suis pas un banquier suisse 😁 peut être une petite ou deux pochettes de 3g de temps à autre mais sur des commandes à 80eu/90eu que je passe plus possible çà éclate trop le prix avec vos augmentations!!!
    Yours sincerely

    • Ludo B says:

      Hi Jeremy, marcus and the whole team,
      I agree with our friend Saarloos, why tell us that prices won't go up only to put Du + 40% on certain items? that's not like you at all 🙁
      I see a lot of new synthesizer products/cannabionoids that you didn't want to sell, rocks in fluorescent colours that are well known to cbd and co fans, practical (dubious?) 40% type promos that I've already seen on a certain site: Stormrock! Given that I received my first text message from you at the same time as Stormrock and its other channels ( cbdpurple, cbdpachère, golden cbd,, etc ... ) I can easily imagine that you have been bought out! A little communication and transparency on this subject would be appreciated ... Sincerely.

    • WiSeDaD says:

      I also agree with you, I was about to place an order and given the price compared to a short time ago (even with your 30% and my points), I'm finally giving up!
      The prices have gone up too much, I'm switching back to the competition.
      Please contact me if you come back at a decent price, as was the case until recently.

  4. Saarloos says:

    Honestly GG TSH , GLS France is Fast and Furious,faster than a Go Fast,rockets guys,faster than Elon Musk's 😆✔👍🏻
    Your parcel has been handed over to GLS 10/07 17h38 / The parcel has been delivered 11/07 09:40 (Lorraine/Nancy)

    PS: I was a bit freaked out because I stumbled across reviews on GLS and 80% of people complaining about lots of different things, but the comments dated back 4 / 5 years so it was perhaps the beginning of their business and now they are OP ... In any case if it's always like that it's great, thank you again TSH ✔👍🏻

    • The Swiss Hemp says:

      Hello, all the products in our shop are no higher than 0.3% THC. Just go to the category you want and then use the filters in those categories to find what you're looking for.

  5. JM says:

    So frankly TSH, I was a fan of the items offered incomparable with what is done in France. But with GLS delivery you are the GOATS! Order placed Monday evening 6pm, parcel received Wednesday 11:30am. Less than 48 hours. Congratulations and a thousand thanks, no need to anticipate ten days when the pouch arrives halfway. No more stressing about the chronic incompetence of the Colissimo service, which screws up delivery one time out of 2.

  6. JM says:

    Well that's great news for me, the main problem up until now was the Colissimo delivery which was causing me problems. Can't wait to try it out...

  7. Sylvain Chaillet says:

    Thank you for all your excellent products, and now I'll be able to enjoy them more quickly. Thanks again for your quality and reliability.

  8. Saarloos says:

    Thank you TSH for pampering your French cousins 🙂 and thank you for the prices compared to the exceptional quality of your products... ✔👍🏻💙🤍💖

    • Laurent F says:


      CBD is still legal in France, and the THC level allowed in CBD in European member states is 0.2%. What they've just banned from sale is HHC, which has THC levels close to those of recreational cannabis.

      • Ludo B says:

        Hello Laurent, you are mistaken, the THC level in France is limited to 0.30% and not 0.20%.
        As far as HHC is concerned, there have never been any products with THC levels close to those of recreational cannabis. I don't know where you saw/heard that, but it's totally false. It's HHC, the molecule itself, that has been banned since 13/06/2023, as have its derivatives HHC-O and HHC-P. Already replaced by another very similar molecule by most of the unscrupulous French CBD retailers who swarm the internet. Kind regards ...

  9. Laurent F says:

    Thank you for caring so much about your customers, especially your French customers. You always go the extra mile and that's very much appreciated, so a big thank you to the team.

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