What is H4CBD?

What is H4CBD?

What is H4CBD ?

 The H4CBD (H4-cannabidiol) is a hydrogenated variant of cannabidiol. In other words, this new form of CBD is obtained by adding 4 hydrogen atoms to the original molecule derived from hemp, using a process commonly used in the food industry: hydrogenation. This process involves adding hydrogen to a substance to modify its physical or chemical properties. In the case of H4CBD by hydrogenation, the properties of the base molecules change.


Because the H4CBD is not synthesised naturally in the trichomes of cannabis flowers, so it is not a phytocannabinoid. It is therefore classed as a synthetic cannabinoid, like HHC (hexahydrocannabinol), which is manufactured in the laboratory by humans.


What are the potential effects of H4CBD on the body? 


Studies and research into H4CBD are limited, although consumer feedback provides valuable information about its effects. Let's find out what the potential effects of H4CBD on the body are.


H4CBD The majority of cannabinoids are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. It turns out that H4CBD is no exception, as it also acts on the body's cannabinoid receptors. The effect inhibits the production of inflammatory cytokines and reduces the activity of the immune cells responsible for inflammation. As a result, there is a reduction in the pain and inflammation associated with various ailments.


The feeling of well-being from H4CBD

The H4CBD is thought to have a greater effect on feelings of well-being, but without the euphoric and intoxicating effects of a cannabinoid like THC. CBD's greater influence on mood is explained by a better action on CB1 receptors in the brain. And for good reason, CBD's affinity for CB1 receptors is very limited.


A soothing effect to help you sleep better As we have said, the H4CBD is a synthetic cannabinoid that can produce a feeling of well-being. This relaxing effect on the body and mind is an invaluable aid to better sleep. Consuming it can help to get rid of stress and anxiety, making it easier to fall asleep.

What are the side effects of H4CBD ? In addition to possible drug interactions, the side effects of this synthetic cannabinoid are very similar to those of cannabidiol. Here are the side effects of H4CBD:

Drowsiness Dry mouth Nausea and dizziness In some cases, the H4CBD seems to reduce concentration and mobility. Visit H4CBD is it more potent than CBD? With its 4 extra hydrogen atoms, it's easy to think that H4CBD is said to be more potent than CBD. While these two products may look similar, they are also very different chemically. More specifically H4CBD is not 'optimised CBD'. It is a cannabinoid in its own right.


The effects of H4CBD


The regulations governing H4CBD in France The law on H4CBD in France complies with the same law as CBD in France. Even if H4CBD is a synthetic cannabinoid, its effects would not call into question its legality.

Products with H4CBD CBD products must not exceed a level of 0.3 % to remain legal in the eyes of French and European legislation. The Swiss Hemp scrupulously respects this measure.




 With its anti-inflammatory properties H4CBD offers a new perspective on relieving the pain and inflammation associated with a variety of ailments. Its ability to promote a feeling of well-being, without the psychotropic effects of THC, opens up interesting opportunities for improving mood and quality of life.


What's more, the H4CBD has a soothing potential that could help improve sleep quality by helping to overcome stress and anxiety.

It is essential to note that H4CBDalthough a synthetic cannabinoid, remains subject to the same regulations as CBD in France. It must be present in products at levels below 0.3 % to remain legal, and consumers should always exercise caution and responsibility when incorporating new substances into their routine.


As we continue to explore the wonders of nature and scientific advances, let's not forget that research into H4CBD and other cannabinoids is constantly evolving. Companies like "The Swiss Hemp" play an essential role by scrupulously complying with legal standards and committing themselves to supplying safe, high-quality products.

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