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Swiss Gelato Indoor - 21% CBD

Swiss Gelato Indoor - 21% CBD

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The Swiss Gelato flower that we offer you is a very high quality product. It is a hybrid CBD cannabis variety, a cross between Swiss Cannatonic and the famous Gelato. It is very fruity, slightly sweet and there are slightly woody notes. The flower of Swiss Gelato is well finished, pretty sticky buds with a very fresh green color. Ideal for daytime use.


Description of the CBD flower Swiss Gelato - Indoor

Our Swiss Gelato - Indoor is a hybrid CBD cannabis variety, a cross between Swiss Cannatonic and the equally well-known Gelato.


Its effects are at the cerebral level, bringing relaxation, energy and calming depending on the person.


Pretty large buds (4cm to 7cm) and a very beautiful manicure. It is light green in color, very compact. Rich and fruity, with a delicious candy taste where some of our team notice notes of exotic fruits.


The Swiss Gelato - Indoor flower is grown indoors in the canton of Vaud.


Our products are certified CBD Switzerland quality. What matters most to us is being able to provide you with excellent quality flowers and pollen, at affordable prices and in compliance with Swiss authorized rates (<1% THC).

What can you do with these products?

Relaxing infusions, to improve your sleep, potpourris to imbue your home with a natural scent, or you can use them in your food if you wish (salads, sauces, seasonings).


We advise you to consult your doctor, who will be able to advise you on the best use for your CBD.


THC 0.6%
CBD 21%
CBG 0.31%
Culture Indoor
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kane Abyss



pas mauvaise, juste un peu chère...

Nathan Smith

This is my second time trying this strain the first time I had it I tried it with tobacco and it wasn’t verry good coz the tobacco spoiled the I re tried on my v-tower and the taste and aroma are bang n and the effects are 100% so guys wen you by your bud of here try it in a volcano or V-tower or a dry herb vape you will not be disappointed thanks Markus 👌

sebastiaan barendrecht

High quality strain with a good mix of flavour and taste.

sebastiaan barendrecht

great taste and structure, really nice strain to smoke.. overall a amazing quality! The swiss hemp is the BEST for me so far

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