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Raw Organic Slim

Raw Organic Slim

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Explore a natural, eco-friendly rolling experience with our Raw Organic Slim Rolling Paper made from RAW organic hemp. Chlorine-free, they have a natural ocher color, offering a refined texture made from cellulose-free plant fibers. The natural hemp scrub ensures a slow burn for connoisseurs, while the Criss-Cross watermark guarantees a smooth burn. Enjoy a vegan twist, free of GMOs and animal-derived ingredients, in every puff. Experience authenticity with RAW, the connoisseurs' choice.


Raw Organic Slim

Discover a new way to enjoy every puff with our organic hemp rolling paper, designed with a commitment to nature. This creation offers you an authentic and environmentally friendly experience, ideal for connoisseurs. RAW brand paper sheets embody purity and quality. Free of chlorine, they proudly display a natural ocher hue, testifying to their unaltered nature. Their refined texture, crafted from cellulose-free plant fibers, offers a perfect tactile experience. The natural hemp-based scrub guarantees a slower burn, providing prolonged satisfaction for experienced rolling tobacco enthusiasts. The natural, vegan gum used to seal each sheet adds a touch of authenticity to each roll – gum you can even eat. Let yourself be captivated by the unique Criss-Cross watermark, a distinctive signature of these cigarette papers. This filigree ensures a gentle and even combustion, creating a pleasant and unrivaled experience. The commitment to quality and nature is also reflected in the absence of GMOs and ingredients of animal origin in the company's products. RAW brand. Proudly displaying their status as "the world's best rolling paper", these papers embody the very essence of excellence.
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Pablo Zola

J'aime bien ses feuilles, pas de goût parasite

Kane Abyss

fait le taff

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