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Bubble Gum HSD

Bubble Gum HSD

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Meet HSD, an exclusive molecule developed by excellent chemical engineering. This innovative fusion of artificial cannabinoids and synthesized terpenes promises you a stimulating and balanced experience, preserving your mental clarity for a duration of 30 minutes followed by maximum relaxation. Discover Bubble Gum


HSD, short for “Highly Stimulating Molecule”, is an innovative creation resulting from cutting-edge chemical engineering. Unlike natural molecules, HSD is the result of a proprietary laboratory design, resulting from the expert combination of artificial cannabinoids and synthesized terpenes. This ingenious synergy gives it unique properties, which are distinct from substances present in nature. One of the major advantages of HSD lies in the gentleness of its effects. When consumed, the benefits of HSD unfold gradually, enveloping the user in a soothing sensation of physical and mental well-being. This well-being experience lasts for approximately 30 minutes, followed by maximum relaxation.


THC 0.03%
HSD 25%
CBG nn
Culture Indoor
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