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Raw Slim

Raw Slim

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Discover the essence of natural rolling with our Raw Slim rolling papers. Made from a unique blend of unbleached natural fibers, such as linen and hemp, these sheets feature a rich, authentic brown hue. The checkerboard filigree ensures a slow, steady burn, while the sugar-based glue adds a natural touch. Signed RAW and patented, these sheets invite you to a premium rolling experience.


Raw Slim

Explore a whole new dimension of natural rolling with our all-natural rolling papers. Each Raw slim sheet is a work of art made from a proprietary blend of unbleached natural fibers, such as linen and hemp, giving these sheets a rich, terracotta hue. Immerse yourself in an authentic experience that escapes artificial chemical flavors. The distinctive checkerboard filigree of these leaves ensures a slow, steady burn, allowing you to savor each puff at your own pace. The glue used to seal these sheets is sugar-based, adding a natural touch to each rolling. These rolling papers, branded with the prestigious RAW name, are patented and decorated with a cross-shaped imprint. Each leaf is an invitation to a natural experience, respectful of tradition while offering superior quality.
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Paolo martins

Feuilles appréciables, je recommande

Kane Abyss

raw tout est dit

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