JYM'S Seeds Sour Fruit 3pcs

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JYM'S Seeds Sour Fruit has a perfect structure for indoor cultivation due to its compact growth and balance between leaves and flowers. It is well suited for selections as it can show several phenotypes. The taste is reminiscent of fresh citrus and can turn colour in cooler temperatures.

    • feminized
    • JYM's Big Berry x JYM's Strawberry
    • THC 0.41 - 0.6
    • CBD 8 - 14
    • flowering period 8 - 9 weeks
    • Cannabis Indica/Sativa
    • phenotypes 2 - 4
    • Swiss product

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JYM'S Seeds Sour Fruit 3pcs
JYM'S Seeds Sour Fruit 3pcs

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