Making your own CBD tea

Making your own CBD tea

As you may have noticed for several months now, the CBD CBD can be found everywhere, from food to beauty and wellness products to drinks. In this article we will look at CBD infusions and herbal teas, and show you how to make your own CBD tea.

The benefits of CBD tea:

Take a CBD tea Regularly in the evening can be beneficial in the following cases

  • If you have insomnia and sleep disorders;
  • If you feel you are not getting enough sleep and wake up tired;
  • If you are stressed: the night is often a time of intense worry and thought that prevents you from falling asleep. This can even lead to anxiety attacks;
  • If you are a user of sleeping pills to fall asleep, but are looking for more natural alternatives to drugs.

Sleep disorders are indeed very common, and they tend to increase over time. A CBD herbal tea is an aid but cannot replace the advice of your doctor. Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor who may or may not recommend the use of CBD teas.

The effects of a CBD tea :

This infusion, which you take in the evening before going to bed, will have several positive effects:

First of all, the simple fact of preparing an herbal tea and drinking it quietly will give you a significant relaxation effect.

Then the combined effects of the herbal tea and CBD should allow you to relax. Any problems you have in your mind will become secondary, and you will enjoy the present and the relaxation. You can also read at the same time, which will make you even more tired, and help you sleep better.

Finally, the proven sedative effect of CBD will help you fall asleep peacefully, and get a good night's sleep.

Making your own CBD infusion

Ingredients (you can of course choose other ingredients that you like) :
  • 1g hemp flower
  • 3g of calendula flowers (or jasmine, camomile, etc...)
  • 2 dried rosebuds
  • 4 peppermint leaves


01. Heat water to 100°C

02. Put the calendula and peppermint leaves in a teapot. You can either put them directly into the teapot or into a filter

03. Gently crush the rosebuds and the hemp flower to release their aromas

04. Brew the herbs for 5-7 minutes. Taste.

ATTENTION IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for all the molecules of the hemp flower to come out, you need to add a fat to your mixture (butter, oil, milk). CBD is fat soluble, which means that it does not dissolve automatically, so the fat will help the CBD to dissolve and bring out all the molecules.
And that's it, you are now ready to consume your herbal tea!
Please note that the effects will not be immediate, and that in order to have the desired effects, it is important to give yourself a few days/weeks to make up your own mind.

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