Can you drive after taking CBD?

Can you drive after taking CBD?

There is no legal prohibition against using CBD before driving. The relaxing effects of CBD can nevertheless make you less alert and be a source of danger.

CBD consumption and driving, the legal point

In France, the sale and consumption of cannabidiol is authorised as long as the THC content of the product does not exceed 0.2%. And if you are stopped at the wheel of your car for a police check, it is indeed THC that can cause you problems. A positive saliva test can lead to the withdrawal of 6 points on your driving licence, a fine of up to €4,500 and up to two years in prison.

To avoid this risk, it is best to choose CBD that does not contain any traces of THC. It is also advisable to choose a quality CBD product and controlled origin to be absolutely sure that the THC level mentioned is respected. Also keep in mind that while it is easy to control the amount of cannabinoids ingested via a CBD oil or capsule, you will have much less certainty about, for example, the amount of active molecules inhaled from vaporised CBD flowers.

In summary, from a legal point of view, there is nothing to prohibit taking CBD just before driving. However, the presence of even a small amount of THC can be problematic and be enough to make you illegal. You need to wait 6 hours to eliminate the THC from your body.

How long can you drive after taking CBD?

In general, the minute traces of THC present in CBD (0.2%) tend to disappear after about 6 hours. This is the minimum time you should wait before driving.

Therefore, if you work during the day and have to drive to work, it is advisable to wait until the evening to start drinking cannabis therapeutic.

Side effects of CBD and driving

driving after taking CBD?
What are the Side Effects of CBD? 

CBD has no psychotropic effect, however, it can induce drowsiness in some people. While it does provide a sense of well-being, this may be accompanied by a feeling of sleepiness. If you have consumed CBD and feel tired, don't drive!

Even if a state of slight lethargy with cannabidiol products is not systematic, you can understand why you should not drive, as your vigilance may be impaired. Between the risk of a road accident and a positive test for cannabis, there is no room for hesitation! When driving a car, motorbike or any other vehicle, CBD should not be used !

If you value your driving licence, your health and the safety of other road users, save your electronic cigarette containing CBD e-liquid for later. There's nothing to stop you vaping once you've arrived at your destination, as long as you're not going to be driving again for several hours.

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