CBD flowers are prohibited for sale in France, a government decree published Friday in the Official Journal specifies the framework for the industrialization and marketing of this non-psychotropic cannabis molecule.

The government is tightening the screws on the industrial and commercial use of CBD. This non-psychotropic cannabis molecule, to which relaxing properties are attributed, is currently booming. But a decree published in the Official Journal on Friday, December 31, now prohibits the sale to consumers of flowers or raw leaves for smoking or in herbal tea. “The sale to consumers of flowers or raw leaves in all their forms, alone or mixed with other ingredients, their possession by consumers and their consumption” is prohibited, explains the text. Furthermore, "cultivation, import, export and industrial and commercial use" are authorized only for "varieties of Cannabis sativa L." . The hemp plant must have a tetrahydrocannabinol content – ​​THC, the psychotropic molecule – which does not exceed 0.3%, compared to 0.2% in the draft decree published in July 2021. These varieties, in addition, must be registered in the common catalog of varieties of agricultural plants or in the official catalog of species and varieties of plants cultivated in France. And the flowers and leaves of these varieties “can only be harvested, imported or used for the industrial production of hemp extracts” , details the decree.

A very strictly supervised production

The purchase of hemp flowers and leaves produced on French territory must be the subject of a written contract between producer and buyer, established before the start of the production campaign. Furthermore, hemp products “can only be imported from countries outside the European Union or exported outside the European Union if they are accompanied by documents attesting to their conformity” . Finally, the sale of plants and the practice of cuttings are prohibited. “Only active farmers within the meaning of current European and national regulations may cultivate hemp flowers and leaves” . In recent years, the French authorities have closed dozens of shops reselling this "light cannabis", but come up against European regulations, which authorize it. This order has been notified to the European Commission. It revises a 1990 text and follows a ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union in November 2020. European justice then rejected the ban on this “light cannabis”, also called “well-being hemp”. in France, emphasizing the safety of this molecule, which could therefore not be considered a narcotic or a medicine. She also highlighted that the free movement of goods within the EU applied to CBD. On June 23, the Court of Cassation ruled that CBD could be sold in France if it was produced in another European country. But it did not resolve the fundamental question of a marketing ban in the name of the objective of protecting public health.

The question is: where can you buy CBD in France now after the decision of December 31, 2021?

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