The Federal Department of the Interior has taken action to combat the misuse of synthetic substances by banning eleven new psychotropic substances, including Swiss hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), from the list of narcotics. This new rule came into effect immediately.

Swiss HHC, also known as "Swiss HHC", is a synthetic drug whose presence is spreading in Europe and on certain sites "specialized" in the sale of synthetic drugs, according to the Swiss Products Institute Swissmedic therapeutics. This substance is of great concern because it is not known how it interacts with other substances or whether it causes dependence. We also do not know its degree of toxicity in the event of repeated consumption.

The DFI took this measure to combat the proliferation of new synthetic drugs on the black market and against the consumption of substances potentially dangerous to health. Their manufacture and trade are therefore now illegal and subject to criminal sanctions provided for in the law on narcotics.

A total of 276 individual substances and fifteen groups of substances (derivatives) are now included in the narcotics tables, following a request from Swissmedic. The Institute specifies that trafficking in these new drugs has already been observed in Switzerland, mainly on the internet.

In short, this measure aims to protect the health of individuals by limiting access to substances whose effects and toxicity are not known with certainty, such as Swiss HHC.

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